Augmented Reality and the ADVENTO model

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that can transform manufacturing and maintenance companies.

Augmented reality is a new technology that allows you to show additional information in the operator’s field of vision

An interesting application is “Remote Maintenance”:

The operator wears  “smart glasses” to keep hands free

The remote expert, sees what operators see and provides instructions, drawings, into the field of view

The results are to increase productivity, improve safety at work, increase product quality and customer satisfaction.


Planned Maintenance

Standardizations of inspections

Errors reductions

Immediate availability of manuals

Easy retrieval of spare parts requests


Recording of troubleshooting for training

Not all technological innovations are a guarantee of success and can turn into failure: Augmented Reality (AR) is no exception.

ADVENTO offers an integrated solution model that, in addition to the choice of the solution supplier, also provides valuable advice to obtain fiscal benefits and incentives.

In the ADVENTO integrated solution model, a “Change Management” service is included : organizational and process changes are essential elements for the success of the operation and for the achievement of business objectives.